Australia's online blood ordering and inventory management system

BloodNet is a web-based system that allows staff in health providers across Australia to order blood and blood products in a standardised way, quickly, easily and securely from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (Blood Service).

Accessing BloodNet

Access to BloodNet is only available through the BloodPortal. To register an individual account follow the process outlined in the instructions and tip sheets available below.

Existing users loging into the BloodPortal can select the BloodNet tile to access the production site. To access the Training Site click on the Training tile displayed at the bottom of the BloodPortal screen.

Laboratories that are not yet using BloodNet can schedule their implementation by contacting BloodNet Support (details below).

Support Materials

A range of materials are available to assist users:

Laboratory Information System (LIS) Interfaces

Interfacing health provider Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) into BloodNet to eliminate double-entry and speed the transfer of data between all stakeholders in the blood sector is now possible. For more information visit BloodNet Laboratory Information System (LIS) Interfaces page.

BloodNet Blood Fridges Module

The BloodNet Fridges Module is a new function available in BloodNet from the 26th March 2015. This module allows users to record their on-site and off-site blood fridge maintenance activities, create incident notifications in the event of a non-compliance episode, and upload related documents, such as chart traces and any maintenance records. These records can be shared with any other users of the fridge, whether from their own organisation or externally by nominating sites within the BloodNet system with whom to share the information. Sites that are not currently using BloodNet for ordering and receipting purposes can still access the fridges module meaning that hospital sites that own and maintain a blood fridge can provide maintenance information to pathology providers who access the fridge.

BloodNet Blood Fridges Module Flyer (266.96 KB)

BloodNet Blood Fridges Module Flyer (979.48 KB)

BloodNet Support

For BloodNet user support contact the Health Provider Engagement team at the NBA by:

  • Email support [at] (subject: BloodNet%20Enquiry)
  • Call 13 000 BLOOD (13 000 25663)
  • Fax 02 6151 5210
  • Skype Contact Name nba-support