April 2018 Ig Governance Criteria and Progress Updates

April 2018

Version 3 of the Criteria

The Ig Governance Program continues to focus efforts to implement Version 3 of the Criteria in BloodSTAR. All changes to the Criteria have now been approved by governments via the Jurisdictional Blood Committee. In the next few weeks, we will begin some internal work on entering Version 3 of the Criteria into BloodSTAR, although the changes will not be seen until it is released later this year.

There will be a number of changes to some of the Criteria conditions, such as adding or removing qualifying criteria or requiring different tests to qualify for immunoglobulin. The Ig Governance Program will work with health providers to ensure eligible patients are not disadvantaged by the changes.

The transition to Version 3 of the Criteria will include clear communication to doctors, nurses, patients and dispensers of Ig nationally. The NBA intends to communicate key messages via email, system messaging, promotional material/flyers, companion guides, newsletters and in person at conferences and information sessions.  Communication material will also be available for download from the NBA website.

A summary of proposed changes (as at the last public consultation) that will be introduced for the Version 3 Criteria can be found here.


Since the national rollout in 2016 (except for NSW), BloodSTAR has been used successfully to manage immunoglobulin authorisation. There are currently 8,226 patients in BloodSTAR with active authorisations and 8,315 users as Authorisers, Medical Officers, Nurses or Facility Administrators. The system continues to have high use with 635 initial authorisation requests and 9,751 dispense episodes of Ig in BloodSTAR nationally during February 2018.

A new release of BloodSTAR (version 2.8) is planned in the coming months which will see a number of useability improvements and functionality to support release of Version 3 of the Criteria later this year. We’ll inform users of the changes via email and newsletters.

For more information on BloodSTAR visit here.

BloodSTAR calculator for adjusting Ig dose for ideal body weight

BloodSTAR features a built-in calculator BloodSTAR for adjusting immunoglobulin dose for ideal body weight. Whilst this may be a useful tool for many patients, the tool is not suitable for patients aged less than 18 years, patients less than 152cm in height, patients that are pregnant, or patients that are underweight.

A warning message has been added to BloodSTAR to support clinicians when they are deciding whether or not to use the BloodSTAR Calculator.       

A detailed description regarding the appropriate use of the calculator has been published on the NBA website accessed at https://www.blood.gov.au/bloodstar-calculator-adjusting-ig-dose-ideal-body-weight.

Performance Improvement

We are currently working on a Performance Improvement Strategy for the Ig Governance Program. The strategy will promote a nationally consistent approach to the management and use of immunoglobulin. This will be done by analysing BloodSTAR data and providing useful reports to doctors, nurses and other BloodSTAR users. These reports will also help to establish benchmarking activities, to encourage greater review of prescribing and/or product management practices.

Keep an eye out on the website for further news on the strategy.   

Medical Officers - Did you know?

Registering your specialty with AHPRA

Medical specialists must have their speciality registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for the Ig Governance Program to recognise the specialist qualification.  BloodSTAR is linked to the AHPRA database, therefore if a clinician does not register all applicable specialist qualifications with AHPRA BloodSTAR will not be able to recognise that particular speciality for the clinician. Visit http://www.ahpra.gov.au/registration.aspx to check your registration details.

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