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In This November Issue:

Go-live update: Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.

BloodSTAR is now live in NT, SA, QLD, TAS, VIC and ACT with over 6000 patients with active authorisations and 4000 users accessing BloodSTAR as either, Authorisers, Medical Officers, Nurses or Facility Administrators. ACT went live on 24 October and WA will complete the 2016 rollout when they go live on 5 December. 

BloodSTAR system update: New functions now in BloodSTAR

​The NBA continues to work with users to ensure the system is fit for purpose. We have recently updated BloodSTAR and released version 2.2 with new functions and enhancements including:

Admin Support

This is a completely new role that does not require AHPRA registration. The role has been designed for Enrolled Nurses and Administrative Support staff.  The admin support role has the same functionality as a Nurse/Midwife role with the exception of: 
•    Unable to update patient consent
•    Unable to add/edit/remove ‘Do Not Prescribe’ (can only view)
•    Unable to edit authorisation (transfer of care or change the treating medical specialist).

Facility Administrators

Access approvals – Will now receive and can approve ‘Admin Support’ role requests.

Medical Officer and Nurses/Midwives  

View Authorisation – there is a new tab titled ‘Authorisation History’ that has been added detailing a patient’s transfer and change in treating medical specialist history.
Search by Authorisation – You can now search by Authorisation number on the patient search page.
Transfer – You can now transfer care of patients from other facilities
Planning sheets – Can now be exported to excel in addition to pdf 

Authoriser/Authoriser Administrators

View Authorisation – there is a new tab titled ‘Authorisation History’ that has been added detailing a patient’s transfer and change in treating medical specialist history 
Search by Authorisation – Can now search by Authorisation number

BloodNET/ BloodSTAR – New Planning Sheet capabilities

Display setting – Correctly displays when ‘50 per page’ display setting is selected
Export functionality – Can now be exported to excel in addition to pdf 
Printing – Prints the UR Number as per View Planning Sheet 

Training Calendar: WA go-live training

BloodSTAR Go Live Training

Multiple one hour face-to-face training sessions are being provided at the below facilities by the NBA in preparation for BloodSTAR. There will be separate training sessions for prescribers, nurses and dispensers. These sessions will go through BloodSTAR in depth and discuss the functionality available from go live onwards.

WA Training Calendar



Monday 7 November

Royal Perth Hospital

Tuesday 8 November

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Wednesday 9 November

Princess Margaret Hospital

Wednesday 9 November

Hollywood Private Hospital

Thursday 10  November

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Friday 11  November

St John of God Subiaco Hospital

For more information

If you would like more information about these sessions and specific times for different roles, please contact the NBA on 13 000 BLOOD (13 000 25663) or

BloodSTAR tips 

Cannot find your patient

A patient who has had Ig in the past may not appear on your authorised patient list because they may not have a current valid authorisation or they may be linked to a different facility. To find the patient, you will need to perform a ‘national search’ as follows;

  1. Dispensers - From the ‘Authorisation’ tab click on ‘Check Authorisation’ Nurses and Medical Officers - From your home page go to ‘Patients’ and click on ‘search’
  2. Enter their given name, family name and date of birth OR just the authorisation number if known
  3. Click on ‘search scope’ and select ‘national’ 
  4. Select a reason from the drop down menu and click ‘search’. Patient details should appear for you to view. 

If you still cannot find the patient, it may be because the patient may not have consented to have their details stored in BloodSTAR. In this case, contact the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in your State/Territory.

Transfer of care

If a patient’s profile is linked or associated with another facility other than your own, patient details will not appear on the authorised patient list for doctors, nurses or dispensers at your facility. If the patient is currently in your care, nurses and doctors can amend the patient’s administering and dispensing facility as follows;

  1. Follow step 1-4 as per ‘cannot find patient ‘above
  2. Under current authorisation click on ‘edit’
  3. Change the facility(s) as necessary and click ‘save’. The patient should now appear on your authorised patient list.

Please note: A patient’s care can be transferred back to their original facility at any time.

To access BloodSTAR tip sheets, please go to BloodSTAR support materials  

NSW Update: Postponed implementation 

The Ministry of Health and the National Blood Authority are continuing to work towards a date of implementation.  Further communications will be distributed in the future as they become available. 

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