Grafton Base Hosptial

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Grafton Base Hospital is a level 3/4 base hospital within the Northern New South Wales Local Health District, providing care to over 12,500 patients every year. The hospital undertakes over 3,300 surgical procedures and sees over 24,700 Emergency attendances annually.

Grafton Base Hospital has developed a Red Cell Transfusion Pack which includes the forms that a doctor would need when their patient requires a red cell transfusion. The Red Cell Transfusion Pack is available to view as an example. The Blood & blood products patient survey is available as an adaptable Word document.


Request for transfusion testing/antenatal testing. Pathology North

Picture of document request for transfusion testing-pathology north  (pdf)

Delivery of Blood/Blood Product form. Pathology North

Picture of document - delivery of blood pathology north (pdf)

Request/Consent for Medical Procedure Treatment

Picture of document request consent for medical procedure treatment (pdf)

Adverse Reaction Form

Picture of document adverse reaction form (pdf)

Patient Brochure ‘Blood Transfusion: Answers to some common questions for you and your family’

Picture of patient brochure blood transfusion (pdf)

Red Cell Transfusion Administration sticker

Picture of document red cell transfusion administration sticker (pdf)

Intravenous infusion orders/administration record

Picture of document intravenous infusion orders (pdf)

Blood Safe transfusion administration check list

Picture of document blood safe transfusion (pdf)

Blood & blood products patient survey
Picture of document Blood and blood products patient survey  (pdf) Picture of document Blood and blood products patient survey  (doc)

The National Blood Authority extends their appreciation to Ms Dona Powell, Ms Sharyn Hurford and the Grafton Base Hospital for kindly sharing their materials.