Hunter Area Pathology Service Case Study

Hunter Area Pathology Service

Hunter Area Pathology Service (HAPS) is renowned for better practice inventory management and has one of the lowest blood and blood product wastage rates in the country.  Their wastage rate against stock issued for red blood cells was less than 1% for both 2010-11 and 2011-12. These rates are even more impressive given blood deliveries are received from the Sydney Distribution Centre, a three to four hour drive from the hospital.

HAPS is part of Pathology North.  It is based at the John Hunter Hospital and services the following eleven hospitals in the Hunter Valley, NSW:

  • John Hunter Hospital
  • John Hunter Children’s Hospital
  • Royal Newcastle Centre Hospital
  • Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital
  • Belmont Hospital
  • Maitland Hospital
  • Cessnock Hospital
  • Tomaree Hospital
  • Muswellbrook Hospital
  • Singleton Hospital, and
  • Scott Memorial Hospital.

So what makes HAPS Different?

The HAPS laboratory staff at the John Hunter Hospital are responsible for maintaining the ordering, delivery and inventory management of blood and blood products for all the hospitals serviced by HAPS in the Hunter Valley.

Careful vigilance and tight control of the blood and blood product inventory have been achieved through the involvement of laboratory scientists, Greg Irwin, Bridget Partridge and Vicki Martens.

The team have identified the following four key areas which they believe allows for the success of this system:

For more information

For more information about HAPS and the team at John Hunter contact:

Mr Greg Irwin

For a pdf version of the content on this page download the John Hunter Case Study Factsheet (pdf) (1.35 MB).


The National Blood Authority extends their appreciation to Hunter Area Pathology Service, Pathology North, John Hunter Hospital and Maitland Hospital for their willing contributions and involvement in the development of this case study. In particular:

  • Dr Stephen Braye: CEO Pathology North
  • Mr Gregory Irwin: Senior Hospital Scientist, HAPS John Hunter Hospital
  • Ms Bridget Partridge: Senior Technical Officer, HAPS John Hunter Hospital
  • Ms Vicki Martens: Senior Hospital Scientist, HAPS John Hunter Hospital
  • Dr Michael Seldon: Director of Haematology, Hunter New England Local Health Network
  • Ms Ann Barrett: Senior Scientist, HAPS Maitland Hospital
  • Ms Kim Lechner: Hospital Scientist, HAPS Maitland Hospital

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