Imported Plasma and Recombinant Products Contracts

The National Blood Authority has recently renewed contract arrangements for the suite of imported Plasma and Recombinant Products (IPRP).

These national contracts have recently been finalised and have resulted in two renewed contracts with CSL Behring, a renewed contract with Takeda, and a renewed contract with Novo Nordisk. These arrangements are with the existing suppliers of these products.

The new supply arrangements, summarised in the table below, commenced from 1 October 2022 for all products except NovoSeven and NovoThirteen which will commence from 1 January 2023. These arrangements will continue for a period of up to three years for FEIBA,Ceprotin, NovoSeven and NovoThirteen, and five years for the remaining products, with extension options available, ensuring security of supply arrangements for these essential products for the Australian public.

Product type

Brands supplied from 1 October 2022


Plasma derived C1 esterase inhibitor


CSL Behring

Plasma derived fibrinogen concentrate


Plasma derived factor XIII


Plasma derived intravenous anti-RhD immunoglobulin


Plasma derived factor XI

BPL Factor XI

CSL Behring

Plasma derived activated prothrombin complex



Plasma derived protein C concentrate


Recombinant factor VIIa


Novo Nordisk

Recombinant factor XIII


*New arrangements commenced 1 January 2023

Transition out of FEIBA 1000 IU

Under the new contract with Takeda the 1000 IU presentation of FEIBA will be transitioned out of supply over a period of 6 to 12 months. This change is due to low on-going demand for this presentation size. The 500 IU and 2500 IU presentations will remain available over the entire term of the new contract.

Access to products

Current models to access these products will continue uninterrupted. Information on access to these products is available here: Plasma and Recombinant Product Procurement | National Blood Authority

Further information on arrangements for the supply of commercial plasma and recombinant products can be obtained by contacting the National Blood Authority by email at