Information Publication Scheme (IPS)

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Required information

NBA Information Publication Scheme Agency Plan

Who we are

What we do

Functions and Powers

Operational Information

Documents relevant to specific functions and powers under the NBA Act 2003:
s 8(1)(a) – liaison and information gathering
s 8(1)(b) – annual plans and budgets for production and supply of blood products
s 8(1)(c) – carry out national blood arrangements to ensure sufficient supply nationally and s 8(1)(d) – carry out national blood arrangements relating to funding NBA operations and blood supply; s 8(1)(e) – enter and manage contracts to ensure sufficient supply:
s 8(1)(f) – carry out national blood arrangements relating to safety, quality, contingency and risk mitigation measures for supply
s 8(1)(h) to carry out national blood arrangements relating to the facilitation and funding of research, policy development and other action about matters relating to blood products and services

Our reports and responses to parliament

Routinely requested information and disclosure log

There are very few requests for information are received within the NBA. The NBA have not identified any material falling within this category.

Consultation arrangements

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Optional information - Internal NBA documents

The NBA document holdings are currently being assessed for additional documents that may be of interest to the public for inclusion in this site. This includes documents that are on the NBA website. You can access publications of interest via our site search mechanism at the top right hand side of this page. Once finalised our optional information will be broken into the following categories:

Optional information - NBA Data

  • Our priorities
  • Our finances
  • Our submissions
  • Other parliamentary reports

Optional information – Blood Sector Data

  • Optional operational information
  • Knowledge capture and developments in the Blood Sector
  • Factsheets
  • Criteria and guidelines for Australian Blood Sector
  • Australian Haemovigilance Information and Programs
  • International Haemovigilance Information and Programs
  • Education Tools
  • Australian Government Websites of Interest
  • Australian Blood Sector Websites of Interest
  • International Blood Sector Websites of Interest
  • Accessibility
  • Feedback