National Policy: Access to Government Funded Immunoglobulin Products in Australia

Following the full implementation of BloodSTAR in all jurisdictions and the release of Version 3 of the Criteria in October 2018, the National Policy: Access to Government–Funded Immunoglobulin Products in Australia (National Policy) has undergone revision.

The National Policy was first published in November 2014 and was revised in July 2016 to accommodate the implementation of the national database and ordering system, BloodSTAR. The National Policy sets out the process that must be followed and describes the rules and requirements that must be complied with to access government-funded Ig products in Australia.

This update aims to clarify any ambiguous content from the previous edition, taking into account feedback from stakeholders, and to include any additional information required to align with the latest release of BloodSTAR and Version 3 of the Criteria.

It is important to note that the update to the National Policy has been drafted to address these areas of improvement and is not intended to change any policy intent.

The latest edition of the National Policy is available here and replaces all previous editions effective from 15 July 2019.