National Immunohaematology Continuing Education (NICE) Proceedings 2008

Session 1

  • The History of NICE - Derryck Klarkowski & Boyd Webster
  • Using Work Flow Analysis Studies to Assess Work Processes in a Blood Bank - Karen Montgomery
  • A Tropical Chill - Jane Darvall
  • Lung Transplantation: A Transfusion Challenge - Annette Hughes
  • Quality - Truth and Myths VIDG - A Year in Review - Claire Prowse & Sue Quiring
  • Red Cell Panels – 24 Years On - Jennifer Condon
  • Parvovirus B-19 - Nicole Filipinski
  • Reflections - Bruce Macdonald

Session 2

​Session 3

  • The Not-So-Good Old Days - John Robert
  • Lightning Strikes Twice (444.85 KB) - Geoff Magrin
  • An: A nice complement! Wj: Where ja get all that blood? - Kate Green & Natalie Caldwell
  • Leukodepletion - Providing the Equivalent of CMV Seronegative Blood? - Andrew Croft
  • The GT Program – A Quick Overview - Neville Herrmann
  • An Epic Tale - Andrew Davis
  • Teaching Transfusion and Transplantation Science in an ICT Enabled Wet Laboratory Environment - Elaine Batchelder
  • Reverse Patterns of ABO and Rh HDN in Africa - Derryck Klarkowski
  • Are You Smarter Than a Student? - Anna Cook

Session 4

  • A Commentary on the Medical and Ethical Aspects of Transplant Tourism - Steve Fle-Danijelovic & Jordan Weastell
  • Managing Significant Haemorrhage Complicated by Anti-c 200km from Melbourne - Merrilynn Cree
  • The Sacred Art of Phenotyping - Ina Messig
  • Validation of DiaMed Screening Cells Reactivity (How long can we leave them out of the fridge?) -Kathy Horky
  • Quantitation of Anti-D & Anti-c at ARCBS - Karyn Parsons
  • A Hot Blood Topic (318.02 KB) - Carolyn Duck
  • Body of Data (267.58 KB) - Sarah Eccles
  • Have a NICE Weekend - Cheng Ong

Session 5 

Session 6


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