National Immunohaematology Continuing Education (NICE) Proceedings 2009

Session 1

  • Quality Control of Automated Analyzers A Comparison of How and Why - Karen Montgomery 
  • Cord Blood Collection Protocol for Eastern Health - Sothi de Boer
  • Immunohaematology in Asian Populations - and Australasia - Tim Carroll
  • Our New PK; Path To Glory... - Priscilla Moreira ​
  • What’s Your Score? Antibody Detection and Strength of SST and EDTA samples - Sue Quiring ​
  • Platelet Inventory Management Strategies: High Titre anti-A/anti-B Testing of Group O Platelets and A1/A2 Subtyping of Group A Platelets - Denise Burford ​
  • GSAHS Transfusion Medicine Improvement Program - The motivation to implementing improvement in a rural health service is Culture, Practice, Geography (CPG) not just a Clinical Practice Guideline - Christine Webb
  • What's in a Name? (87.29 KB) - Sarah Eccles
  • Where The Titre Are We Going? (767.95 KB) - Cathy Hughes

Session 2

  • Automated Antigen Typing - Our Experiences - Carol Uellendahl
  • In the future, will genotyping of donor samples for transfusion to recipients with multiple antibodies be the most efficient way of finding compatible donor products? - Brook Lee & Zhen Jie (Claire) Tan
  • Searching For Rare Donors - Tanya Brown
  • Seeing Double - Lisa Anderiesz
  • What Exactly is Her Phenotype? (203.05 KB) - Jo Micallef
  • The Lutheran Blood Group System - Matias Perez
  • The Double Whammy - Brendan Eager & Madeleina Snowdon

Session 3

  • Marilyn Returns To Bollywood! A Case of Anti-Inb - Marilyn Garnham
  • The Strangest Anti-D in a Pregnant Woman I Have Ever Seen - Matthew Wilson
  • Driven to Distraction: White Cell Antibodies in Pregnancy - Bronwyn Davies
  • Anti-G Identification (114.79 KB) - Anne-Marie Wilkes
  • My Family the Reptiles - Matthew Auhl
  • ​A Case of Fluctuating Anti-D – Is it Immune or Passively Acquired? - Frances Frawley
  • Tea Cosy Antigen - Andrew Davis
  • An Unexpected Antibody? - Helen Henry
  • If Not HDNB, Then What? - Dorothy Stern

Session 4

Session 5

  • Two Antigens, Yet So Much To Discuss - Kirk Sowinski
  • ABO - Discrepancy 1 (113.97 KB) - Hayley Keenan
  • ABO - Discrepancy 2 - Sophy Suy
  • ABO - Further Discrepancy - Tim Wilmott
  • ABO - How Should We Confirm Blood Groups? - Pam Hudson
  • Apples in Disguise (73.36 KB) - Kelly Sliwinski

​Session 6

  • A Brief History of Transfusions - Nicole Zacher & Michelle Gravson
  • Eclampsia in a Patient with a Number of Serious Consequences - Gwen Williamson
  • Interesting Cases at Nelson Hospital Blood Bank (NZ) - Belinda Drummond
  • Post Partum Haemorrhage - A Case Study - Runjula Antolovich & Debbie Longmore
  • A Quick Look at Blood Groups and Transfusion in Animals - Samantha Brett
  • Canine Blood Transfusion - Jackie Daley

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