National Immunohaematology Continuing Education (NICE) Proceedings 2010

Session 1 - Antibody Case Studies

  • Anti-Hy:An Ivy league antibody - Dot Stern & Andrew Davis
  • What! no blood? An anti-Jk3 - Glenda Mann 
  • A patient with an anti-PP1pk (formerly known as Anti-Tja) - Marilyn Garnham
  • 1 in 5.8 Million - Jillian Hudson 
  • The curious case of a disappearing anti-D (533.88 KB) - Marni Kerseboom
  • Case Study: Out of Africa (4.37 MB) - Van Nguyen

Session 2 - More Antibodies and Transfusion

Session 3 - Quality, Safety and Supply

  • Sixty years of antibodies to MNS system hybrid glycophorins: What have we learned? - Tim Carroll
  • Results, Reports and something called KPI!! - Cathy Hughes
  • Summary of High Titre Anti-NB  (221.92 KB)Testing at the Blood Service (221.92 KB)Carol Uellendahl​
  • Enzyme in BioVue: What's old is new (1.88 MB) - Sarah Eccles
  • False positive reaction with Anti-N in N negative Gp.Mur positive​ donors​ - Vesna Grubor​
  • Planning for a disaster- Be Prepared- Are You Prepared? Events in Wellington 2009 and Christchurch 2010​ - Diane Whitehead​
  • Instrument OC (572.67 KB) - Pam Hudson

Session 4 

  • Some Drugs are Bad for Paletelets.....mmmmkay - Greg Jones
  • ABO transformation - Kirk Sowinski
  • Agglutination Disease- A - Sam Lennard
  • Case Study - "Oh no my P is red..."  - Brendan Eager & Daniel Loui  


  • Comparison of 0.8% vs 3.0% screening cells for the antibody detection and identification - MN Haeusler, K Smith & NT Pham
  • Myelodysplasic Syndromes (MDS) - Runjula Antolovich
  • A Hot Blood Topic (2.73 MB) - Jo Cameron

Session 5

  • A multi-act tragedy: delayed presentation post envenomation - Helen Henry
  • Eye Don't Know What Your Blood Group is - Jackie Daley
  • What's coating my patient's cells? The Matuhasi-Ogata phenomenon - Olivia Taslim
  • A Shocking Case of TRALI? - Tony Greenfield
  • Case Studies - Sue Quiring

Session 6

  • Should the use of cell lines for research purposes be approved by original donors or their families? - Saskia Phillips and Emma​ Brauer​
  • ABO incompatible renal transplantation at RPAH - Mark Langshaw & Heather Vincin
  • The New Medical laboratory Science Course at Charles Darwin University, NT - George Car
  • How to turn your NICE presentation into a scientific document fit for publication - Matthew Wilson

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