National Inventory Management Framework (NIMF)

The National Inventory Management Framework (NIMF) project is a collaboration between the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (Lifeblood) and the National Blood Authority (NBA) which aims to have a comprehensive, efficient and effective inventory management framework and provide guidelines to health providers on setting inventory levels to ensure there is a secure supply of red blood cells that meet clinical demand, improve financial performance and reduce discards.

The Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC) has ultimate oversight of the project and a Steering Committee oversees the project during its execution in order to ensure that the project objectives are achieved.  Members of the Steering Committee consist of representative from Health Providers, JBC members, independent health experts, Lifeblood and the NBA. The project team made up of Lifeblood and NBA staff work with Health Providers to test the framework including the proposed inventory levels.

NIMF for Red Blood Cells

Following a successful Proof of Concept at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s hospital, in which the methodology to set inventory levels was tested, the NIMF Steering Committee has endorsed plans to pilot the framework in a further seven hospitals nationally. The pilots concluded in 2014, and targeted implementation commenced. Currently, the project team is working with a number of Australian Health Providers (AHPs) to present their safety stock calculation and data analysis prior to implementation. There have been some delays due to resourcing, and allowing for a full review and specification of the calculation to ensure it will be correctly defined for BloodNet reporting.

NIMF ​for Platelets

In 2014 Proof of Concept studies for a platelet inventory framework replenishment model commenced at the Flinders Medical Centre (Adelaide). In 2015 a further two Proof of Concept studies were conducted at John Hunter Hospital (Newcastle) and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (Perth). The project team is continuing to identify suitable sites to participate in further Proof of Concept studies, to finalise the trial of NIMF for Platelets.

Further details of the sites involved in NIMF for red blood cells and platelets and their progress are included in the latest update in the list below:

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    NIMF pilot sites

    The following table outlines the pilot sites across the jurisdictions.

    NIMF pilot sites

    Site Health Provider Jurisdiction Proposed pilot start dates Progress
    A Flinders Medical Centre SA

    27 May 2013 (P1)

    Post Pilot analysis

    A Flinders Medical Centre SA 16 August 2013 (P2) Post Pilot analysis
    B Royal Hobart Hospital TAS

    17 June 2013 (P1)

    Post Pilot analysis

    B Royal Hobart Hospital TAS 16 August 2013 (P2) Post Pilot analysis
    C The Townsville Hospital QLD 29 July 2013

    Post Pilot analysis

    D Royal Prince Alfred Hospital NSW 26 August 2013 Post Pilot analysis
    E John Hunter Hospital NSW 12 August 2013 Post Pilot analysis
    F Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital WA 3 October 2013 Post Pilot analysis
    G Melbourne Pathology VIC 18 November 2013 Pilot in progress


    Proposed pilot duration for each site

    As shown by the diagram below there will be three weeks for preparation and transition, five weeks for pilot and two weeks allocated for post pilot and debrief activities. Click on image for enlarged version.

    Image of NIMF proposed pilot duration

    NIMF Project Proposed Timeframe*

    Stage One - Proof of Concept 
    (Jun 2012 - Feb 2013)
    Methodology to inform framework developed and tested

    Stage Two – Pilot
    (Mar - Sep 2013)
    Methodology validation
    Stage Three – Approval
    Approval of framework implementation strategy
    Stage Four – State Rollout
    Implement and monitor state rollout
    Stage Five – National Rollout
    National transition

    * Subject to NIMF Steering Committee approval