4.1 Staffing

The National Blood Authority (NBA) is fortunate to have staff members with an immense diversity of skills, knowledge and background. This covers clinical practice research and laboratory practices; commercial contract negotiation and project management; logistics and inventory management; information technology (IT); communication and secretariat support; and business planning and risk management. The NBA staffing complement comes from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Some staff members have more than 40 years experience in the workplace, while others have just begun their careers.

In 2007–08, the NBA was successful in attracting staff with international experience in blood management, the pharmaceutical industry, clinical practice and communications and publication design.

Workforce planning, staff retention and turnover

Staffing levels in the NBA fluctuated in 2007–08, as it has in previous years. The peak period of staff turnover took place during the second quarter.

Through the capability strategy developed during the year, we applied intense focus to maximising our retention rates through supporting the development and implementation of a number of innovative recruitment initiatives and reforming our induction process (see ‘Capability strategy’ in Part Three: Our performance).

Part of this project has been to review and re-emphasise our culture of encouraging staff development and learning, and to further build on our supportive and flexible work environment.

The average length of service for NBA staff is approximately two years. We are fortunate that 58% of our ongoing staff have been with the NBA for more than two years, and of those, 48% have been here for more than four years. This strengthens the NBA’s knowledge base and professional expertise.

Our overall staffing numbers as at 30 June 2008 are 52 employees, of which 44 are ongoing staff members and eight are non-ongoing staff members.

Current salary levels under the Collective Agreement are set out in Table 4.2.

Table 4.1 NBA staff numbers, as of 30 June 2008

Substantive role classification Female full time Female part time Male full time Male part time Total
Statutory office holder 1
Senior executive service 1 3
Health economist 1
EL 2 4 3
EL Legal 1
APS 6 Legal 1
EL 1 8 1 9
APS 6 7 1 2
APS 5 3 2
APS 4 3
APS 3 1
Total 29 6 17 52

APS = Australian Public Service; EL = executive level.

Table 4.2 Salary levels

Classification CA Minimum CA Maximum AWA Maximum
Executive Level 2 $91 972 $103 664 $124 000
Executive Level 1 $77 089 $87 935 $95 864
Legal 1 $77 089 $93 333
APS Level 6 $62 730 $70 768
APS Level 5 $56 864 $60 017
APS Level 4 $52 281 $55 241
APS Level 3 $46 144 $51 149

APS = Australian Public Service; AWA = Australian workplace agreement; CA = collective agreement.

Performance-based pay totalling $63,479.35 was awarded to four senior executive or equivalent staff members following assessment against their agreed work outcomes.

At 30 June 2008, 36 staff members were employed under the Collective Agreement. Fifteen staff members were engaged under Australian workplace agreements, of which four were Senior Executive Service staff.

During the year, the introduction of new workplace legislation led the National Blood Authority to refine and adjust a range of human resource policies and practices, including those on occupational health and safety, the Collective Agreement, Australian workplace agreements, leave and superannuation.

A mix of non-salary benefits are available to nominated officers including leased vehicle, airline membership, superannuation, and home-based IT equipment.

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