4.3 Professional and personal development

The majority of NBA staff members participate in a Professional Development Scheme. A wide range of training programs is available to staff to extend their knowledge and skills.

We take pride in ensuring our people are given opportunities in various arenas to develop and enhance skills through either:

Over the past year, one focus has been providing those new to the public service with an understanding of how it works and how different the Australian Public Service (APS) is to private industry. For this we use the programs of the Australian Public Service Commission, as well as internal induction processes and sourced training on APS Code of Conduct and Values. The SES team has focussed on leadership, communication and networking. Compliance and governance training is ongoing as is the development of processes necessary for high performing organisations.

It is with pride that in 2007–08, 88% of staff undertook at least the target of seven days training. This commitment not only illustrates the passion NBA staff have to perform at a consistently high level but also our culture of valuing constant learning and growth in our skills and knowledge base.

This commitment is providing strong benefit for other Canberra based stakeholders as evidenced in the attendance of representatives from the TGA, DoHA and ACT Health at a number of our knowledge management forums. Our appreciation is extended to our fellows, suppliers and colleagues who have given generously of their time in presenting a range of sessions.

The skills and capabilities survey conducted in 2006 provides an excellent base for delivering learning outcomes, and supports our business needs. This survey will be redone in the first quarter of 2008–09 to ensure our staffing capabilities match our operational needs.

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