6.6 Consultants

In 2007–08, nine new consultancy contracts were entered into involving total actual expenditure of $346 110 (GST inclusive). In addition, eight ongoing consultancy contracts were active during the 2007–08 year, involving total actual expenditure of $1 277 971 (GST inclusive).

The policies and procedures for selecting consultants, and approving the required expenditure, are set out in Chief Executive and management instructions and KBP. These processes adhere to the principles of the  Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines and Best Practice Guidance.

A suite of standard form contracts has been developed for use by NBA staff in setting up most of its consultancies. Where necessary, these standard form documents are adapted by the NBA to suit individual circumstances.

Table 6.3 shows total expenditure on all consultancy services by year, covering both new contracts let in the applicable year and ongoing contracts let in previous years.

Table 6.4 provides details of consultancy contracts let by the NBA in 2007–08 and the value of the contract over its entire life. Contracts with a value of less than $10 000 have not been included, in line with annual reporting requirements of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit.

Table 6.3 Total expenditure on consultancy services, 2005–06 to 2007–08

2007–08 2006–07 2005–06
No. Let Total expenditure on new and existing consultancies ($) No. Let Total expenditure on new and existing consultancies ($) No. Let Total expenditure on new and existing consultancies ($)
9 1 624 081 7 582 366 13 754 304


Table 6.4 Consultancy services of $10 000 or more, 2007–08

Consultant Name Description Contract price
(GST incl)
Selection Process Justification
Datum Point Pty Ltd The procurement of contract services for the evaluation of Octoplas, a submission under Schedule 4 of the National Blood Agreement 133 861.99 Open Tender A
University of Technology Sydney – Centre for Health Economic Research and Evaluation (CHERE) The procurement of Contract services for the development of the Evaluation Framework and Methodology for the Assessment of National Blood Supply Change Proposals 108 845.00 Open Tender A
Cordelta Pty Ltd For the procurement of specialist technical advice to the National Blood Authority on system development activities 50 000.00 Restricted Source B
The Loch Group Pty Limited Consultancy services for an independent member of the National Blood Authority’s Audit Committee 19 800.00 Direct Sourcing B
Morison Consulting Pty Ltd Consultancy services for an independent member of the National Blood Authority’s Audit Committee 22 000.00 Direct Sourcing B
Blake Dawson Waldron Legal advice and services for NBA data projects 130 000.00 Restricted Source C
Oakton Services Pty Ltd Provision of contract services 27 500.00 Direct Sourcing C
WalterTurnbull Pty Ltd Provision of Fraud Control Services 25 567.50 Restricted Source B
DLA Phillips Fox Provision of legal advice and services 14 102.00 Open Tender C

a Explanation of selection process terms:

Open tender: A procurement procedure in which a request for tender is published inviting all businesses that satisfy the conditions for participation to submit tenders

Select tender: A procurement procedure in which the procuring agency selects which potential suppliers are invited to submit tenders in accordance with the mandatory procurement procedures.

Direct sourcing: A procurement process, available only under certain defined circumstances, in which an agency may contact a single potential supplier or suppliers of its choice and for which conditions for direct sourcing apply under the mandatory procurement procedures.

b Justification for decision to use consultancy:
A — requirement for specialist expertise not available within the NBA
B — requirement for independence considered essential
C — Requirement for skills currently unavailable within the NBA.

Note: All figures are GST inclusive

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