7.2 Freedom of Information Statement

Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 requires that Australian Government agencies publish, in their annual report, information about:

Freedom of information statistics

In 2007–08 the National Blood Authority:

National Blood Authority functions and powers

Information on the organisation’s structure and functions is included in this publication, as is performance information.

Ministers and the National Blood Authority’s General Manager exercise decision-making powers under the National Blood Authority Act 2003. The National Blood Authority operates as an Australian Government agency where staff exercise functions and powers under Acts including the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 and the Public Service Act 1999. Many decisions are given effect through contracts with suppliers which are administered by the National Blood Authority.

Arrangements for public participation

Under the National Blood Agreement, the primary responsibility for policy in the national blood products sector rests with the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference, supported by the Jurisdictional Blood Committee.

In the performance of its functions, the National Blood Authority has established consultative forums, including a Clinical Advisory Council, a Professional and Community Forum and a Suppliers Forum. The National Blood Authority also undertakes consultation with a range of other expert bodies and interested parties for specific projects.

Categories of documents

The National Blood Authority maintains records relating to the performance of its functions. Records are retained for varying periods, depending on their administrative and historical value, and are disposed of in accordance with the standards and practices approved by National Archives of Australia under the Archives Act 1983. The categories documents held by the National Blood Authority appear in the following table.

Category Description
Program documents The National Blood Authority holds documents relating to: contracts and tendering processes; dealings with Australian Government and state and territory ministers, committees and other government agencies under the National Blood Agreement; and the performance of its functions under the National Blood Authority Act 2003 .
Working files The National Blood Authority holds working files including correspondence analysis and advice by National Blood Authority staff, documents received from third parties, and drafts of these and other documents
Internal administration The National Blood Authority holds personnel records, organisation and staffing records, financial and expenditure records, and internal operating documentation such as office procedures, instructions and indexes.
Documents open to public access subject to a fee or other charge The National Blood Authority holds no documents in this category.
Documents available for access or purchase subject to a fee or other charge The National Blood Authority holds no documents in this category.
Documents customarily available free of charge upon request The National Blood Authority’s annual report and other selected documents relating to the National Blood Authority are available on the internet at www.nba.gov.au

Procedures and contact details

A request for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 must be in writing. Applicants must enclose the $30 application fee and state an address in Australia to which notices can be sent. In certain circumstances the fee is not required or can be remitted by the National Blood Authority.

To enable a prompt response and to help the National Blood Authority meet its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act, applicants should provide as much information as possible about the document(s) sought. It is also requested that the applicant include a telephone number or an electronic mail address to allow National Blood Authority staff handling a request to seek clarification if required. Applicants may be liable to pay charges at rates prescribed by the Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Regulations.

Inquiries about making a formal request under the Act should be directed to the National Blood Authority’s Freedom of Information Coordinator, in writing to:

Freedom of Information Coordinator
National Blood Authority
Locked Bag 8430

Facilities for access

Physical address to documents can be arranged at the National Blood Authority’s premises. Inquiries should be directed to the Freedom of Information Coordinator at the address above.

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