7.5 Abbreviations and acronyms

ABDR Australian Bleeding Disorders Register
AHCDO Australian Haemophilia Centres Directors Organisation
AHMAC Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council
AHMC Australian Health Ministers Conference
ANZSBT Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion
APS Australian Public Service
ARCBS Australian Red Cross Blood Service
BCP Business Continuity Plan
CEO chief executive officer
CTEPC Clinical, Technical and Ethical Principal Committee
CVID Common Variable Immune Deficiency
EAG expert advisory group
FEIBA Factor Eight Inhibitor Bypass Agent
GST goods and services tax
HCV hepatitis C virus
HFA Haemophilia Foundation Australia
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
IDFA Immune Deficiencies Foundation of Australia
IDMS Integrated Data Management System
IT information technology
IVIg intravenous immunoglobulin
JBC Jurisdictional Blood Committee
JDO Jurisdictional Direct Order
KBP key business process
KPI key performance indicator
NBA National Blood Authority
NBSCP National Blood Supply Contingency Plan
NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council
NIMS National IVIg Management System
NIRG National Indemnity Reference Group
NMF National Managed Fund
NSW New South Wales
OH&S occupational health and safety
PFR Plasma Fractionation Review
PPA Plasma Products Agreement
S&Q safety and quality
SIMDS sector information management and data strategy
TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration
US FDA United States Food and Drug Administration

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