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This annual report outlines the National Blood Authority’s performance and achievements for the financial year ending 30 June 2008. The annual report also incorporates the NBA Board report, as required under Section 44(2) of the National Blood Authority Act 2003 for the same period.

The annual report has been prepared in accordance with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s requirements for annual reports, released in June 2008, and has been written to inform stakeholders, including government and the community, of the way in which the roles and responsibilities of the NBA have been implemented.

The annual report is divided into the parts explained below.

Part One: Overview

Part One provides a summary explanation of key activities and outlines the major achievements of the National Blood Authority (NBA), as well as issues and challenges faced during the year. It consists of the NBA General Manager’s review and a report from the Chair of the NBA Board. It also provides a summary of the major achievements of the NBA over the first five years of operation.

Part Two: Our role and governance

Part Two outlines the role of the NBA in the blood sector. It provides a description of the external and internal governance arrangements that guide the work of the NBA and the nature of its relationships with jurisdictions, stakeholders and suppliers.

Part Three: Our performance

Part Three reports on performance against the NBA’s Operational Plan 2007–08. It provides analysis of the NBA’s performance against the Agency Outcomes and Output Groups within the Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements 2007–08.

Part Four: Our people

Part Four provides information on the NBA’s staff. It details the NBA’s staffing profile and describes human resource programs and activities.

Part Five: Future trends in blood management and horizon scanning

Part Five explores current and future developments both nationally and internationally that may in future influence the management of blood and blood-related products in Australia.

Part Six: Our finances

Part Six provides an overview of the NBA’s financial position in 2007–08, including a summary of the resources used to deliver objectives.

Part Seven: Appendices

Part Seven provides supplementary operational information. This section contains financial statements, mandatory reporting requirements (including the Freedom of Information Statement) and a comprehensive list of blood and blood-related products procured under contracts and deeds.

Part Eight: Index

Part Eight provides an alphabetical index, which allows quick reference to particular topics.

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