National Blood Authority
A report by the National Blood Authority Haemovigilance Advisory Committee


National Blood Authority
Haemovigilance Advisory Committee

Dr Alison Street Department of Health and Ageing

Dr Chris Hogan Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Mr Neville Board Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Dr Simon Brown Pathology Queensland

Ms Maria Burgess Transfusion Nurse, ACT Health

Ms Kim Stewart Proxy for NSW Health Department

Dr David De Leacy QML Pathology

Ms Linley Bielby Manager, VIC Blood Matters Program

Dr Audrey Koay WA Health

Ms Jenny Hargreaves Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Dr Anne Haughton Australian Association of Pathology Practices

Dr Bevan Hokin Australian Private Hospitals Association

Ms Susan McGregor Transfusion Nurse, Western Health

Professor John McNeil Epidemiologist, Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Dr Jan Fizzell NSW Health Department

Associate Professor Erica Wood Australian and New Zealand Society for Blood Transfusion

National Blood Authority

Mr Leigh McJames Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

Ms Sandra Cochrane Acting Deputy General Manager

Dr Paul Hyland Acting Director, Data and Information Analysis

Ms Suzie Cong Senior Data Analyst, Data and Information Analysis

Australian Government and State and Territory Contributors

Therapeutic Goods Administration

New South Wales Clinical Excellence Commission

New South Wales Health Blood Watch

Victorian Blood Matters, Better Safer Transfusion program and Blood Matters Advisory Committee

Queensland Health

Queensland Blood Management Program

South Australian Department of Health BloodSafe program

Western Australian Department of Health

Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania

ACT Health

Northern Territory Department of Health

Writing Group

This report was prepared on behalf of the National Blood Authority and the Haemovigilance Advisory Committee by:

Ms Suzie Cong

Dr Paul Hyland

Dr Morteza Mohajeri

Ms Christine Akers

Mr Scott McArdle

PART 03 donor vigilance was contributed by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

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