Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 1

Critical Bleeding Massive Transfusion

| Clinical practice guidance based on evidence or consensus |

4.10 Development of a massive transfusion protocol

4.10.2 Activation and cessation

The multidisciplinary team should also develop guidelines for the activation and cessation of the MTP. This will help to ensure that the MTP is used appropriately, and wastage of blood components is minimised.

Activation of the MTP should take into account:

  • cause and rate of the haemorrhage
  • mechanism of injury (if present)
  • current physiological state
  • likely requirement for ongoing blood component support.

The template MTP given in Appendix G includes suggestions on when to activate an MTP. The guidelines on activation and cessation of the MTP should be clearly communicated to all relevant staff.

Use of the MTP should be audited.