Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 1

Critical Bleeding Massive Transfusion

6 Implementing, evaluating and maintaining the guidelines

The NBA, in collaboration with the Steering Committee and EWG members, developed a plan to guide appropriate communication on the implementation of this module. The plan identifies target audiences for the module, strategies and tools for effective implementation, communication channels and key messages.

Continued re-evaluation of the guidelines is necessary to reduce variation in practice patterns, support appropriate use of blood component therapy and reduce inappropriate exposure of patients to blood components.98 A plan was designed to evaluate implementation of the six modules of the guidelines and to determine:

  • the extent to which the guidelines influence changes in clinical practice and health outcomes
  • what factors (if any) contribute to noncompliance with the guidelines.

The results of the evaluation will be used to inform future review of the guidelines. Economic issues were considered when formulating the evidence-based recommendations, and the recommendations appear unlikely to have major cost implications. Thus, cost will not be a barrier to implementation of the recommendations.

This module will be reviewed and amended in five years unless an issue arises (e.g. new clinical evidence relevant to practice) that triggers a need to review the document earlier.

The Principal Medical Officer of the NBA will convene the group of experts to undertake the review, and will be the person who can be contacted on major issues, events or practice changes.

To provide feedback and inform future reviews of this module, please send any comments on its content or implementation, or on the accompanying materials, to:

Mail: Patient Blood Management Guidelines
National Blood Authority
Locked Bag 8430
Canberra ACT 2601
Fax: (02) 6151 5300

Your correspondence will be forwarded to the Principal Medical Officer for consideration in the next scheduled review.

A list of colleges and societies that have endorsed this module will be available on the NBA website.