Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 1

Critical Bleeding Massive Transfusion

| Introduction |

1.3 Structure of the document and related materials

1.3.1 The document

This module includes:

  • recommendations – based on evidence from the systematic review
  • practice points – based on consensus decision-making, where the systematic review found insufficient high-quality data to produce evidence-based recommendations, but clinicians require guidance to ensure good clinical practice
  • a template for a massive transfusion protocol (MTP) – summarising the guidance given in this document, and drafted using expert opinion. d , e

The recommendations and practice points are summarised in the Executive summary, which also includes a copy of the MTP template.

The remainder of this document includes:

  • an outline of the methods used to develop the clinical research questions, undertake a systematic review of the literature, and develop recommendations and practice points (Chapter 2)
  • background material on clinical issues not covered by the systematic review (Chapter 3)
  • clinical practice guidance, setting out the main findings of the systematic review and other considerations documented by the CRG; recommendations and practice points, as appropriate; and discussion of the process for developing and implementing an MTP (Chapter 4)
  • recommendations for further research (Chapter 5)
  • information on implementing, evaluating and maintaining the guidelines (Chapter 6).

The document also includes appendixes that provide an overview of the blood sectors in Australia and New Zealand, membership of the governance bodies for guideline development, information on transfusion risks, a process report, evidence statements, information about blood components and the template MTP. Finally, the document contains a list of references.

dThe use of the word ‘protocol’ in ‘massive transfusion protocol’ throughout this report is not strictly prescriptive.
e The template MTP is intended for local adaptation.