Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 2


4 Anaesthesia and patient blood management

The major role for the anaesthetist should be an active involvement in the multidisciplinary patient blood management program, including:

This background section focuses on the influence of various anaesthetic agents and techniques on perioperative blood loss, including:

Increased emphasis on preservation of arterial blood pressure, particularly in the older patient with comorbidities, has meant that the practice of controlled intraoperative hypotension is being used less often (see also Section 3.6.4 in Chapter 3).

The impact that a particular anaesthetic technique can have on blood conservation depends not only on other blood conservation strategies employed, and the experience of the anaesthetist, but also the type of surgery and other factors that contribute to bleeding, such as anticoagulants and surgical technique.

Anaesthetists should be aware of the principles of perioperative patient blood management.