Temporary Employment Register

The National Blood Authority (NBA) maintains a register of people who would like to work with us (either full or part-time).

We appreciate that there may be individuals who are not currently in the paid workforce who may have just the skills and expertise that we need from time to time. We also know that there are people who would welcome the opportunity to contribute further to the workforce. While there are employment agencies that will help us, we would also like to establish relationships with individuals who could become part of our ‘extended’ NBA family. These people would gain an understanding of us as an agency and we will similarly gain an insight into their skills and abilities.

Some of the skills required by the NBA are:

  • administration, including secretariat
  • project management
  • contract management
  • clinical practice
  • regulatory/compliance
  • corporate services.

Temporary vacancies may become available at any time and all positions are located in Canberra.

Placement on the register

To register, you should complete a Temporary Employment Register Application Form and attach a copy of your CV and a covering letter indicating what particular expertise you can bring to the NBA.

Applications should indicate the circumstances where you may be available for employment e.g. part-time and if part-time, please indicate the hours you can work each week and the days you are available to work.

On receipt of your application, the NBA will notify you that your application has been received. You will only hear from us further if there is a task for which you might be suitable.  Applications will be kept on the temporary register for a period of 12 months. If you are still available and interested after 12 months, you will need to send in a new, updated application.

Lodging your Application

The NBA prefers to receive applications electronically. Applications can be emailed to hr@blood.gov.au. Alternatively, applications may be mailed to:

Human Resources
National Blood Authority
Locked Bag 8430