Transition to Version 3 Ig Criteria is complete!

Following the release of Version 3 of the Criteria for the clinical use of immunoglobulin in Australia (the Criteria) on 22 October 2018, existing patients receiving immunoglobulin have now transitioned to the new Criteria.

While most patients transitioned automatically from Version 2 upon release of Version 3, the remainder (over 8,500 patients) required clinicians to provide some additional information to ensure they were eligible to receive immunoglobulin using the new Criteria. This additional information is no longer required to be entered at review as all patient authorisations are now on Version 3 Criteria.

The National Blood Authority appreciates the additional time and effort required of clinicians in answering the transition review questions and would like to thank clinicians for their commitment in successfully transitioning patients to Version 3 Criteria.

The Criteria will continue to undergo regular review and is being updated through two streams of work:

  • Progressive changes – used to address clarifications, minor corrections and administrative improvements. These changes are based on feedback received from BloodSTAR users, consumers, professional colleges and societies and internal processes.
  • Programmed changes – used for a periodic formal review of each medical condition. This process involves the specialist working groups, a robust methodological review of research, expert review and consideration, public consultation and stringent approvals. 

For more information on the most recent changes to the Criteria click here.