V3 Ig Criteria Newsletter September 2018

Version 3 Criteria coming soon!

Version 3 Criteria coming soon!     

The Criteria for Immunoglobulin Use in Australia (the Criteria) is changing to Version 3. These changes will apply in BloodSTAR from 22 October 2018.

For more information please visit www.blood.gov.au/igcriteria-version3

How is the Criteria Changing?     

Detailed information about what changes have been made to the medical conditions within the Criteria is now available on the website. Health professionals can view or print the following:

To view the information please visit www.blood.gov.au/health-professional-information-Criteriav3

Why is the Criteria Changing?     

  • To align with new evidence
  • To ensure those whose health is most likely to be improved with Ig therapy can get it
  • To manage the growth in demand for this precious, human-derived product.

Immunoglobulin (Ig) is a precious biological product derived from donated blood plasma, and as such, its use should be consistent with the evidence base and prescribed for the treatment of patients who are likely to benefit from immunoglobulin therapy, and for whom there are no safe and effective alternative treatments.

The continual significant annual growth in Ig use, the relatively high cost of Ig products and the potential for supply shortages mean that it is important to maintain a focus on ensuring that use remains consistent with an evidence-based approach and that Ig is able to be accessed under the National Blood Arrangements for those patients with the greatest clinical need.

The Criteria describes the conditions and indications for which the use of Ig is appropriate and government funded under the National Blood Agreement. Requests to access publicly funded immunoglobulin products in Australia must be authorised under the Criteria.

The changes to the Criteria will assist with meeting Standard 7 – Blood and Blood Products of the National Safety and Quality Service (NSQHS) Standards.      

Where can I find more information?

Detailed information for any changes to medical conditions covered by the Criteria will be coming before the new version is released. An additional email will be sent advising when this is available.

For more information and updates, visit www.blood.gov.au/igcriteria-version3

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