Overview and Role of the NBA

The National Blood Authority (NBA) is a statutory agency within the Australian Government Health portfolio that manages and coordinates arrangements for the supply of blood and blood products and services on behalf of the Australian Government and state and territory governments.

Our vision
Our role
Our values
Our people
Our plans
Our strategies
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It was established by the National Blood Authority Act 2003 following the signing of the National Blood Agreement (see links below) by all state and territory health ministers in November 2002.


Our vision

Saving and improving Australian lives through a world-class blood supply.

Our role

The NBA represents the interests of the Australian and state and territory governments, and sits within the Australian Government’s Health portfolio.

The key role of the NBA is to:

  • provide an adequate, safe, secure and affordable supply of blood products, blood related products and blood related services, and
  • promote safe, high quality management and use of blood products, blood related products and blood related services in Australia.

The NBA:

  • works with jurisdictions to determine the clinical requirements for blood and blood products to meet national clinical needs and develop an annual supply plan and budget
  • negotiates and manages national contracts with suppliers of blood and blood products to obtain the products needed
  • assesses blood supply risk and engages in contingency planning for risks arising in the sector and impacting on the sector
  • supports the work of the jurisdictions to improve the way blood products are used - including developing and facilitating strategies and programs that will improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of blood usage, particularly in the areas of national standards, guidelines and data capture and analysis
  • provides expert advice to support government policy development, including identification of emerging risks, developments, trends and new opportunities
  • manages the evaluation of proposals for blood sector improvements, including proposals for new products, technologies and system changes
  • provides secretariat support to the Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC).

Our values

We recognise the important role that blood and blood products play in the treatment and clinical management of Australian patients and are committed to:

  • meeting patient needs for the provision of a safe, secure, adequate and affordable supply of blood and blood products
  • working collaboratively with stakeholders to develop, monitor and improve national networks and systems for improved clinical awareness and practices in the use of blood and blood products
  • developing the professional and technical competence of our staff
  • delivering our mission in an efficient, professional, inclusive, responsive and innovative manner.

Our people

As a small independent agency, the NBA provides an environment that empowers staff to take direct responsibility for delivering significant outcomes in a challenging and ever changing industry. We espouse to foster an environment of diversity, enthusiasm and leadership, with a strong work ethic.

NBA is also supported by an advisory board. Visit NBA Board for more information.

Our plans

The NBA activities are guided by three key planning documents that are endorsed by Governments:

Statement of Expectations/Intent

The Assistant Minister for Health provides the General Manager of the NBA with a Statement of Expectations which outlines the performance expectations of the NBA, and as a way of supporting accountability and ensuring high levels of performance. The General Manager of the NBA responds to the Statement of Expectations with a Statement of Intent which outlines how the NBA will meet required performance expectations.

Jurisdictional Blood Committee Strategic Plan 2013-15

The Jurisdictional Blood Committee Strategic Plan for 2013-15 has been prepared by the Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC).  Its purpose is to provide strategic direction to the JBC and inform relevant work plans, including jurisdictional plans and the NBA Corporate Plan / Operational Plan for the next 3 years.  It articulates how JBC will continue to work with the NBA to fulfil its roles of high level policy and governance and oversight of blood supply arrangements in the following areas: supply planning and risk management, safe and appropriate use, data and sector information and financial sustainability.

NBA Corporate Plan 2013-15

This NBA Corporate Plan 2013-15 outlines NBA activities over the next three years that are designed to address the sustainability pressures and thereby ensure security of supply for future generations. Central to this Plan is a commitment to drive appropriate stewardship in the management and use of blood and blood products.

Our strategies

The NBA delivers its required planning outcomes in accordance with a range of more detailed strategies that address specific areas of activities endorsed by governments. Key strategies include:

NBA Annual Report