Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 1

Critical Bleeding Massive Transfusion

Abbreviations and acronyms

  • ACS American College of Surgeons
    Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council
  • AHMC
    Australian Health Ministers’ Conference
    Australian & New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion
  • APTT
    activated partial thromboplastin time
    Australian Red Cross Blood Service
  • ARDS
    acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • ASBT
    Australasian Society of Blood Transfusion
  • CI
    confidence interval
  • CRG
    Clinical/Consumer Reference Group
    Clinical, Technical and Ethical Principal Committee
  • DIC
    disseminated intravascular coagulation
  • ESA
    erythropoiesis stimulating agent
  • EWG
    Expert Working Group
  • FFP
    fresh frozen plasma
  • FUWB
    fresh (or ultra-fresh) unrefrigerated whole blood
  • GAR
    Guidelines Assessment Register
  • INR
    international normalised ratio
  • JBC
    Jurisdictional Blood Committee
  • MTP
    massive transfusion protocol
  • NBA
    National Blood Authority
    National Health and Medical Research Council
  • NZBS
    New Zealand Blood Service
  • OR
    odds ratio
  • PICO
    population, intervention, comparator and outcome
  • PP
    practice point
  • PPO
    population, predictor and outcome
  • PRO
    population, risk factor and outcome
  • PT
    prothrombin time
  • R
  • RBC
    red blood cell
  • RCT
    randomised controlled trial
  • rFVIIa
    recombinant activated factor VII
  • TGA
    Therapeutic Goods Administration