Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 1

Critical Bleeding Massive Transfusion

| Clinical practice guidance based on evidence or consensus |

4.10 Development of a massive transfusion protocol

A template MTP is provided in Appendix G. This section discusses local adaptation of the template MTP, and development of guidelines on activation and cessation of the MTP.

4.10.1 Local adaptation

A multidisciplinary team should adapt the template MTP to:

  • incorporate the recommendations and practice points provided in this module
  • take into account local resources (e.g. access to blood components)
  • provide details of how components will be delivered to the correct patient and location
  • include supporting information that explains how the clinical, laboratory and support staff will communicate
  • highlight the need for early communication with a haematologist or transfusion specialist.

The template MTP can also be modified for specific populations such as obstetric patients, given the potential for concealed haemorrhage and early development of DIC.

The local facility should also develop materials to accompany the MTP, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the team members (e.g. task cards).