Public Consultation

The National Blood Authority (NBA) periodically undertakes public consultations. The NBA welcomes comments from individuals or groups on topics in the required formats and timeframes.

Guidelines for the management of haemophilia in Australia

The Australian Haemophilia Centre Director’s Organisation (AHCDO) in collaboration with the National Blood Authority (NBA) has developed a guideline for the management of patients with haemophilia.

The NBA and AHCDO agreed that the World Federation of Hemophilia’s Guidelines for the management of hemophilia (2nd edition) provided a sound basis upon which to develop Australian guidance. However, in order to maximise the opportunity of standardising haemophilia care in Australia, some adaptation of the WFH guideline has been undertaken. 

Draft Guidelines for the management of haemophilia in Australia (3.53 MB)(pdf)
Draft Guidelines for the management of haemophilia in Australia (3.84 MB)(docx)

Submissions will be accepted until 5:00pm on Wednesday 23 December 2015.

To be accepted, submissions must comply with the submissions instructions (25.25 KB) and the submission template​ (29.29 KB).

Please email your completed submission to submissions [at] If you are not able to email your submission you can mail or fax a hard copy to:

Haemophilia Guideline Development
Blood Sector Clinical Development
National Blood Authority
Locked Bag 8430
Fax:  (02) 6151 5300

All submissions will be registered and a confirmation via email will be sent confirming receipt of the submission.


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