Immunoglobulin Products

Latest online version of the Criteria

An adaptation of the second edition of the Criteria is applicable in BloodSTAR from its launch in July 2016. The Criteria as they appear in BloodSTAR can be viewed here.

During the BloodSTAR transition period, the addition of ‘new’ Criteria ‘evidence items’ fields does not change the basis for approval of authorisation of Ig product. Authorisers will evaluate authorisation requests with the same approach that applies to authorisation based on the use of previous paper forms. The Criteria (Second Edition) for states not yet transitioned to BloodSTAR.

Information relating to access arrangements in relation to the supply of pooled normal human immunoglobulin products (administered intravenously, subcutaneously and intramuscularly), funded and supplied by all Australian governments under the national blood arrangements administered by the National Blood Authority.

For further information please contact the National Blood Authority on 13 000 IG GOV (13 000 44 468) or email support [at]