The National Blood Agreement requires the National Blood Authority (NBA) “to monitor the national and international environment in which the Australian Blood Sector operates for new technological, clinical, risk or other developments that may impact on the national blood supply" and requires the NBA “to maintain a systematic approach to identifying new developments, and providing a clearinghouse and coordination function for information in relation to new development”. The framework used to guide this monitoring function is described below.

Our Framework

The NBA monitors international developments which may influence the management of blood and blood products in Australia. Our focus is on:

  • information that may have an impact on global supply, demand and pricing, such as changes in company structure, capacity, organisation and ownership
  • potential new product developments and applications
  • global regulatory and blood practice trends
  • other emerging risks that could potentially put financial or other pressures on the Australian sector.

Current areas of interest

  • Fresh Blood: transmissible disease, manufacturing, testing, synthetic blood products, adverse reactions and haemovigilance
  • Plasma Products: transmissible disease, manufacturing, new uses and products, international pricing (demand) and international pricing (supply)
  • Blood Management: techniques (before, during and after surgery), risk identification, overseas programs and demand management during constrained supply
  • Recombinant Products: new uses and products, changes to products, supply, demand and price and adverse reactions
  • Policy and Regulation: Australia and overseas
  • Logistics

Summary Reports on International Trends

Regular summaries are prepared for the Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC) and the Board that outline trends relevant to the blood sector and the NBA. These reports are linked below.

You can access the Trove Website archive for older international trends reports(Opens in a new tab/window).

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024