Before your staff can access and use BloodSTAR, your laboratory or workplace must register as a BloodSTAR facility.

Register your facility by completing the online registration form below.

Does your facility need to register for BloodSTAR?

Use this table to work out if you need to register your facility for BloodSTAR.

BloodSTAR classificationFacility typeFacility functionsDoes my facility need to register for BloodSTAR?
Treatment facilityClinicIg prescribing​Yes.
Please register for BloodSTAR.
Treatment facilityDoctor's roomsIg patient managementYes.
Please register for BloodSTAR.
Treatment facilityHospitalInfusion of Ig productYes.
Please register for BloodSTAR.
Dispensing facilityPathologyReceive Ig stockNo.
Dispensing is managed in BloodNet.
Dispensing facilityPharmacyDispense Ig to patientsNo.
Dispensing is managed in BloodNet.
Information required to complete the online form
  1. Facility address and contact details
  2. Awareness of IVIg and SCIg services and arrangements at your facility
  3. Facility administrator details
    (Initially two per facility. Click here for information about Facility Administrators)
  4. Facility administrator BloodPortal usernames
    (Requires users to Create an account

Online Facility Registration Form

Complete the fields and click submit to register your facility.

Facility Name

Facility Address


Facility contact details



Is this facility co-located with another hospital/facility?


Patient identifier

Does your facility use a unique patient identification number?


Immunoglobulin treatment services

Tick the box(es) that relate to services offered by this facility.

  • Management of patients treated with Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) infusion.
  • Management of patients via Hospital Based Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg) Program
  • Ig Patient consultation, diagnosis and review.
  • Prescribing of IVIg and/or SCIg.
  • Administering of IVIg and/or SCIg doses to patients.
  • Ordering of IVIg or SCIg directly from Lifeblood.
  • Dispensing of IVIg and/or SCIg for use at this facility.
  • Dispensing of IVIg and/or SCIg for use at another facility.
  • Evaluation of Authorisation Requests for Immunoglobulin.

Reminder: If your facility is a Pathology Laboratory or Pharmacy you will use BloodNet and do not need to complete this form.


Immunoglobulin supply arrangements

Does your facility order IVIg or SCIg products directly from Lifeblood?


Dispensing Relationships (if applicable)

Does your facility have IVIg or SCIg supply arrangements with another facility?


Please list any dispensing relationships with other hospital/clinic/private doctors room/pharmacy/pathology/transfusion laboratory(s) below


Dispensing Facility Name Dispensing Contact Name Dispensing Phone Number


Facility administrator nomination

To complete the Facility Administrator registration process, please supply the BloodPortal Username for each nominated Administrator. This may be completed later if necessary but will enable those listed below to grant access to other staff at your facility.

New users need to 'Create an account' at
Existing users of BloodNET can use their existing BloodPortal username and password.

Please note:

  • Facility Administrators will be able to approve access for other staff at your facility
  • The staff listed below will be able to create additional Facility Administrators
  • There is no maximum number of Facility Administrators per facility

Primary Facility Administrator

Second Facility Administrator

Before you register

When you register, you must nominate at least 2 people as facility administrators. These administrators will review and action BloodSTAR user access requests for your facility.

To complete the registration form, you'll need to know:

  • your facility's address and contact details
  • the IVIg and SCIg services and arrangements at your facility
  • names and contact details for your facility administrators
  • the BloodPortal usernames for your facility administrators.

If your facility administrators aren't already BloodPortal users, they must create new BloodPortal user accounts(Opens in a new tab/window).

If our online registration form isn't working, you can complete the PDF form below and email it to us.

Get in touch

For BloodSTAR registration support or questions, contact our Blood Operations Centre.

Phone: 1300 025 663 (13 000 BLOOD)


Last updated: 28 Mar 2024

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