We fund several projects under the National Blood Sector Research and Development Program.

Research under the program:

  • gathers knowledge and evidence about blood and blood products, and how to use them
  • informs good decisions for governments, patients, clinicians and others
  • supports best practices in managing and using blood and blood products and services.

Types of research funded

Through the program, we fund research on:

  • patient blood management
  • use of immunoglobulin.

The research helps to:

  • ensure the supply of blood products is sustainable and affordable
  • find appropriate uses for blood products
  • lessen the inappropriate use of blood products
  • maintain or improve clinical outcomes for patients.

Criteria for applications

We use the Research and Development Strategic Priorities 2022–27 to provide guidance to applicants on the types of projects we are looking to fund.

This is to ensure we get the best outcomes for patients and deliver value for money for Australians.

When applying for funding, consider how your project:

  • optimises the use of blood and blood products
  • enhances supply, including product innovation and supply chain efficiencies
  • reduces donor and patient adverse events.

You should also consider the key enabling factors, including:

  • improving data collection, accuracy and sharing
  • optimising health service delivery to best meet patient needs
  • strengthening workforce capability.

Applying for funding

When we open a round for funding, we'll invite you to apply for:

  • project grants
  • seed grants
  • scholarships.

You will find the following application information on GrantConnect(Opens in a new tab/window):

  • grant opportunity guidelines
  • application forms
  • grant funding agreement
  • letter of agreement.

The National Blood Sector Research and Development Program is being evaluated. We will publish details about the future of this program after the evaluation.

Past funding rounds

We've published details and recipients of past funding rounds.

GrantConnect also lists funding round outcomes(Opens in a new tab/window) since Round 4.

Get in touch

Email: research@blood.gov.au.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

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