ICT systems

We use several information and communications technology (ICT) systems to help us provide a safe, secure, affordable blood supply for all Australians.

We call these systems Blood Sector Systems, and many are world-leading.

We provide 24/7 support for these systems through our Blood Operations Centre (BOC).


BloodPortal is a secure, central system that helps us manage and authenticate users across all Blood Sector Systems.

It allows users of any Blood Sector System to have a single username and password across all of our systems. It also gives users a single place to update account details or subscribe to Australian transfusion-related mailing lists.


BloodNet is Australia's online blood ordering and inventory management system. It allows you to order blood and blood products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


BloodSTAR is Australia's online system for managing access to government-funded immunoglobulin (Ig) products. It also helps Australian Health Providers (AHPs) manage their governance obligations under our national policy for access to Ig products.

Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry

The Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry (ABDR) database is a clinical tool for specialists who treat Australians with bleeding disorders. It aims to improve treatment results for those with bleeding disorders. It also helps the decision-makers responsible for clotting factor product supply to understand and plan for patient needs.

MyABDR app

MyABDR is a secure app and website for Australians with bleeding disorders, and their parents or caregivers. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app allows you to record your home treatments and bleeds, and share information with your treatment provider. It also interfaces with our Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry (ABDR) database.

Supported browsers for these systems

You can access all of these systems on most major desktop browsers, and some mobile browsers, including:

  • Apple Safari
  • Apple Safari for iOS or iPadOS
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome for Android
  • Microsoft Edge (up to 2 versions before the current one)
  • Mozilla Firefox (up to 2 versions before the current one).

You can also access the MyABDR app directly on an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Blood Operations Centre

The Blood Operations Centre (BOC) is a support hub with 4 key roles:

  • providing technical support to all Blood Sector System users
  • proactively monitoring Blood Sector System operations to quickly identify and resolve issues
  • providing a single point of contact for AHPs who want to contact us
  • operating as the Incident Room if our Chief Executive activates the National Blood Supply Contingency Plan.

Hours of operation

The BOC provides email and phone support from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5:45 pm Canberra time.

You can email non-urgent support requests at any time. BOC staff will respond to these emails on the following business day.

The BOC also provides urgent help outside of these hours through on-call officers. Our business continuity arrangements ensure the BOC can operate if our normal office is not available.

Get in touch

For questions about or support with any Blood Sector Systems, contact the BOC.

Phone: 1300 025 663 (13 000 BLOOD)

Email: support@blood.gov.au

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

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