The National Blood Authority is responsible for ensuring the supply of blood and blood products for patient care.

This includes albumin products, which are made using human plasma. They have a range of uses, including in surgery and burns treatment. In Australia, CSL Behring (CSL) manufactures albumin products using plasma collected by Lifeblood from Australian donors.

We fund 2 albumin products under the national blood arrangements. These products are available for patients based on clinical need and appropriate clinical practice.

National Product Price List  Plasma and recombinant product supply

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates blood and blood components(Opens in a new tab/window) as prescription medicines. You can search the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods(Opens in a new tab/window) for blood and blood products approved for supply in Australia.

Products we fund

Australia's albumin products are in the process of changing as part of the transition of 5 of Australia's domestic plasma products. This was due to CSL upgrading its facilities and processes to expand its capacity.

The transitioned products all comply with the TGA's safety and efficacy requirements.

The new human albumin products are Alburex 5 AU and Alburex 20 AU, with concentrations of 5% (50 g/L) and 20% (200 g/L), respectively. These are replacing Albumex 4 and Albumex 20.

Transition of Australia's domestic plasma products

Product nameSize
Albumex 450 mL
Albumex 4500 mL
Albumex 2010 mL
Albumex 20100 mL
ALBUREX 5 AU12.5 g/250 mL
ALBUREX 5 AU25 g/500 mL
ALBUREX 20 AU10 g/50 mL
ALBUREX 20 AU20 g/100 mL

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Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

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