Ig usage data and statistics - June 2020

This snapshot provides an overview of the information that is displayed in the graphs and tables that follow.

Image of Ig data stats

Ig Use

  • Year to date June 2020 - % variation year on year by jurisdiction. This graph shows a cumulative percentage growth of Ig use for the 2019-20 financial year to date as compared to 2018-19.

Year to date July 2019 Variation year on year by jurisdiction

  • Issues of Ig per 1,000 population by jurisdiction. This graph shows the grams of Ig used by each State and Territory per 1,000 population* for the previous 3 months compared to the national average.

Jurisdictionn Ig issues per 1000-July 2019

*Data as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics - 3101.0 - Australian Demographic Statistics, Sep 2019. Retrieved from https://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/mf/3101.0.

  • Ig use by medical condition. This graph shows the medical conditions which account for the highest use of Ig products.

Ig use by Medical Condition July 2019

Product Issued

  • Monthly expenditure on Ig 2019-20 - This graph shows the cost of domestic and imported Ig products that are used each month.

Monthly expenditure on Ig - Dom and imported

  • Monthly domestic and imported Ig in grams 2019-20. This graph shows the monthly domestic and imported split of Ig products over the course of 2019.

Monthly domestic and imported Ig in Grams


The following graph and table give a summary of activity regarding monthly use BloodSTAR including:

  • Number of registered facilities
  • Number of registered SCIg approved facilities
  • Total number of registered users
  • Number of approved authorisation requests submitted
  • Number of dispense events
  • Dispense discrepancy types and outcomes

BloodSTAR Patients. This graph shows the overall total number of patients receiving Ig and the number of new patients this month.

  • BloodSTAR Patients - This graph shows the overall total number of patients receiving Ig and the number of new patients this month.

Patients Data

  • Authorisation and dispense events. This graph shows the number of approved authorisation requests and the number of dispense events for this month.

Authorisations and dispense events

Facilities and Users

For more information

Jurisdictional representatives and their nominees can access Jurisdictional Reports for more information regarding the use of Ig and BloodSTAR Facility Administrators can access reports about their facility through the Reports function in BloodSTAR.

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