Other information for patients about blood and blood products

This collection of resources is targeted at supporting patients’ understanding of best practice when it involves blood products. They have been developed to help patients to easily access useful information on what you can do to reduce your need to rely on donated blood products when:

  • about to have elective or planned surgery, whether blood loss is expected or not
  • have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia
  • have been prescribed a blood product

The following may also be useful resources for health professionals to facilitate an informed discussion with patients prior to developing their specific patient management plan.

Tools to support patients in Patient Blood Management decision making

My transfusion is where you will find all the information you need about blood transfusion. You will discover information about the different types of transfusion, the risks and benefits and what to expect. In some situations you and your doctor may find ways to avoid a transfusion.
The BloodSafe program is a blood transfusion safety and quality improvement collaborative between SA Health, the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, SA public and private hospitals and their transfusion service providers. Their mission is to coordinate a safety and quality framework for all steps of blood transfusion practice to improve patient outcomes and ensure sufficiency of blood supply. BloodSafe has developed a set of tools, resources and links for consumers.


The Clinical Excellence Commission implemented the Blood Watch program in 2005. The key focus areas include appropriate use of red cells, establishment of local and state clinical governance frameworks, standardisation of education and other resources, and implementation of clinician engagement and communication strategies. The Blood Watch webpage includes links to information for patients and families. 


The Victorian Blood Matters program provides information for adults and children relating to blood transfusion. The information is available in a number of different languages


The Western Australian Department of Health provides consumer information explaining why Patient Blood Management is good for patients.