Conditions of approved data requests include:

  • Data is released subject to satisfying confidentiality and quality considerations.
  • NBA must be acknowledged in all published material that uses the data requested.
  • Footnotes and other caveats accompanying data tables must be replicated as provided when data is reproduced, whether in full or in part.
  • The data will not be used for any purpose other than that specified in the approved request.
  • The data released remains the property of the NBA.
  • The data must not be used, published or disseminated in a way that might enable the identity of individual patients or the service profiles of individual doctors or hospitals to be ascertained.
  • Data files are to be maintained and stored securely in an environment where they cannot be linked (either electronically or by personal inspection) with other records, and they must be stored on-shore in the organisation’s ICT-controlled infrastructure or a private cloud.
  • If data files are made available to third parties engaged by the recipient then the consultants must also agree to these conditions.
  • Additional conditions may apply to specific data sets.

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Last updated: 27 Mar 2024