The current contract arrangements for the supply of imported immunoglobulin (Ig) products commenced on 1 January 2021. Those arrangements included provisions for additional products to be added as they became available. The National Blood Authority is now pleased to announce that a new imported subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) product, Xembify 20% (Grifols Australia), will be available to order via the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (Lifeblood) from January 2024.

What will be changing?

Xembify, a 20% concentration SCIg product supplied by Grifols Australia, will be available for supply under the national blood arrangements from January 2024. This change is occurring to strengthen and diversify the supply of immunoglobulin (Ig) in Australia to ensure eligible patients continue to have access to Ig treatment.

This will be in addition to the currently available suite of imported SCIg products, namely Hizentra 20%, Cuvitru 20% and the new domestic SCIg product Hizentra AU.

What Approved Health Providers who dispense SCIg products need to do

Add the Xembify 20% product codes (found below under ‚Äòuseful resources’) to your laboratory management system to allow you to receive the products into your stock. BloodNet will be updated automatically to allow ordering closer to the implementation date.

Distribute this information to other relevant staff within your institution. Local SCIg administration protocols will need to be updated to include Xembify 20%.

As is currently the case, allocation of domestic or imported immunoglobulin products, which will include Xembify 20%, will be managed within BloodSTAR based on patients’ specific conditions, according to a pre‚Äëdetermined allocation matrix which is regularly adjusted by the NBA.

See the Ig criteria about product allocation(Opens in a new tab/window).

For product information queries, including access to Xembify support materials and programs, please contact Grifols Australia by calling 03 9535 9333 or sending an email to

Should you have any queries regarding this change, please contact

Last updated: 22 Aug 2023

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