The National Blood Authority (NBA) has agreed arrangements with Grifols Australia Pty Ltd for the addition of a Gamunex 10% 40g/400mL vial size under the national blood arrangements. Supply to the Australian market will commence on 15 April 2024 and is in addition to the existing Gamunex vial sizes of 5g/50mL, 10g/100mL and 20g/200mL. It is anticipated that the addition of this larger vial size will contribute to more efficient infusions and align the Gamunex vial range with other comparable IVIg products. 

What will be changing?

Gamunex 10% is a current IVIg product available for supply by Grifols Australia under the national blood arrangements. In addition to the existing Gamunex vial sizes of 5g/50mL, 10g/100mL and 20g/200mL, a Gamunex 10% 40g/400mL vial size is being introduced and will be available to order from Lifeblood from 15 April 2024.  

What Approved Health Providers who dispense SCIg products need to do

  • Add the Gamunex 10% 40/400mL product codes (found below under ‘useful resources’) to your Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to allow you to receipt products into your inventory. BloodNet will be updated automatically to allow ordering from 15 April 2024.
  • Distribute this information to other relevant staff within your institution. 

The addition of this new vial size for Gamunex will not affect the current allocation of domestic or imported immunoglobulin products. The NBA will continue to manage allocations within BloodSTAR based on patients’ specific conditions to ensure that there is a secure and diverse supply of funded Ig products to meet the continuing demand from new and existing patients being prescribed these products. 

Further information in relation to product allocation is available at in a new tab/window).

For product information queries, please contact Grifols Australia on (03) 9535 9333 or email

Should you have any queries regarding this new addition, please contact

Useful Resources

Last updated: 14 Mar 2024

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