Implementing the PBM Guidelines

The National Patient Blood Management Implementation Strategy 2017-2024 takes a patient-centred approach intended to optimise clinical outcomes and improve patient safety.

This strategy draws on the experiences and outcomes of the National Patient Blood Management Guidelines Implementation Strategy 2013-2017 and the National Blood Sector Education and Training Strategy 2013-2016.

Since the launch of the PBM Guidelines and accompanying implementation strategy, Australia has seen a significant reduction in the use of red blood cells. The implementation of the Standard (a dedicated hospital accreditation standard for Blood and Blood Products and the revised Blood Management Standard) has also contributed to this decline in the use of red blood cells.

The core element of the strategy is to collaboratively facilitate activities and development of materials at a national level that support implementation at a health service organisation level. The four main elements covered in the 2017-24 strategy have been updated to six and now include:

  • Guidelines
  • Tools and resources
  • Education and Training
  • Promotion and Communication
  • Data
  • Research and Development

The PBM activities to be undertaken are categorised to reflect these new elements in line with the revised goals and objectives.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024