About our organisation

As a small independent agency, our team directly contributes to improving patients' lives and outcomes in a challenging and ever-changing industry.

We are organised into 2 groups:

  • Commercial Blood Products and Business Services
  • Fresh Blood Products and Business Systems.

Each group has its own program and business responsibilities. A Deputy Chief Executive oversees each group's activities.

Our Chief Executive, John Cahill, is the accountable authority for the NBA.

National Blood Authority organisational chart - July 2024

Our executive team

Mr John Cahill, Chief Executive

Mr Cahill has been our Chief Executive since 2016. He previously held a senior executive position in the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. He has wide-ranging policy, program and operational experience, including extensive work as a senior executive and chief executive with various government departments and agencies.

Before the NBA, Mr Cahill led and managed major programs and projects involving the delivery of challenging and complex services across Australia and internationally. This included the management and delivery of significant health services, infrastructure services, major procurements and substantial contracts.

Mr Cahill works closely with our partners, stakeholders and staff to make sure the NBA provides strong leadership, management and support for Australia’s world-class national blood arrangements.

Ms Kate McCauley, Deputy Chief Executive, Fresh Blood Products and Business Systems

Ms McCauley became Deputy Chief Executive, Fresh Blood Products and Business Systems, in November 2022. She has wide-ranging capabilities in organisational change and reform, health-related policy and service delivery. She is an experienced Senior Executive Service officer who has worked in several areas of government, including the health and education portfolios and with central agencies. Her early career as a registered nurse gives her a unique understanding of the practical implications of government decision-making and policy implementation.

Ms McCauley's NBA responsibilities cover fresh blood products and services and related issues. This includes coordinating the national supply planning processes across Australia. She has principal executive responsibility for our contract with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. She also has executive responsibility for the Chief Information Officer group, our ICT and data management activities, and coordination of our corporate risk management work.

Mr Ben Noyen, Deputy Chief Executive, Commercial Blood Products and Business Services

Mr Noyen was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive, Commercial Blood Products and Business Services in mid-November 2023. He is an experienced senior executive and leader with a background in health policy, compliance and regulation, manufacturing and corporate operations. Originally an industrial engineer, Mr Noyen’s experience prior to government extends to private sector roles in business consulting, fraud and risk management. Earlier in his career, he served as a police officer.

In the National Blood Authority, Mr Noyen is responsible for the commercial strategy and supply of plasma-derived products, recombinant and other alternative blood products. In addition, he leads the national Immunoglobulin Governance Program and manages the assessment and funding of new products. Mr Noyen is also responsible for national blood sector research and development, along with the National Blood Authority’s business services that includes finance, legal services, human resources and communications.

NBA Board

Our board advises the Chief Executive about how the NBA is performing. Its members also consider key strategic issues in Australia's blood sector.

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Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

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