What we do

We manage and coordinate arrangements for the supply of blood, blood products and blood services in Australia.

Our work:

  • secures the supply of blood and blood products
  • improves risk management and blood sector performance
  • promotes the safe and efficient use of blood and blood products.

We collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders across the blood sector. As a statutory agency, we represent the interests of the Australian, state and territory governments.

For 20 years, we have delivered an uninterrupted supply of blood, blood products, and blood services to Australians in need under the national blood arrangements.

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Blood and blood product supply

We secure Australia's blood supply by:

  • budgeting and planning to meet clinical needs
  • assessing supply risks and contingency planning
  • developing annual supply plans
  • negotiating contracts to ensure Australia has a sustainable blood supply.

Learn about our suppliers and commercial supply contracts.

Blood usage

We help improve the way Australia uses blood products by:

  • advancing the safe, quality and effective use of blood products
  • capturing and analysing data
  • developing national standards and guidelines
  • evaluating ideas such as new products, technologies and system changes. 

Explore our data and resources.

Policy development

We provide expert advice to support government policy. As part of this work, we identify:

  • emerging risks
  • developments and trends
  • new opportunities.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

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