If you need access BloodNet at your facility, you can create an individual login to the BloodPortal. Individual logins are essential to create a clear audit trail of the actions of authorised officers.

Ordering blood products

You can create a stock order and send it via BloodNet to the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Distribution site.

New orders

You must call your local Lifeblood Customer Delivery Centre if the order has an 'Urgent' or 'Life-Threatening' priority. You can save a draft order to complete and send later. Draft orders can also be deleted.

Special orders

Your facility will need to place a special order for either:

  • a fresh blood product that needs specific modifiers or antigen requirements
  • a fresh blood product supplied from Australian Red Cross Lifeblood for a specific patient.

Cancelling an order

Your facility can only cancel an active order with a BloodNet status of either:

  • Sent (Awaiting confirmation)
  • Sent
  • Sent (Failed).

Orders dashboard

You can go to the 'Orders' dashboard to:

  • see your most recent active, finalised and cancelled orders
  • get quick access to frequent actions (e.g. Create stock order).

You can mark an order with 'Add to facility favourites' so it shows a yellow star and appears in the 'Facility favourites' listing.

Order templates

Your facility can keep up to 10 stock order templates in BloodNet. Templates are useful if your facility needs to order a specific product or set of products regularly.

Only users with Facility Administrator access to BloodNet can manage order templates.

Inventory reporting

You can record the amount of inventory on hand in your facility at any given time so it can be used for reporting, pre-activation and or during an activation of the National Blood Supply Contingency Plan.

If your facility has a BloodNet-to-LIS interface, you do not need to report your inventory manually because it's reported automatically.

Stock management

You can go to the 'Stock movement' dashboard to:

  • see your site’s most recent transfer and discard episodes
  • create a transfer episode
  • create a discard episode
  • view a product's discard and transfer history.

Discard episodes should be created when a product is discarded for any reason.

Transfer episodes should be created when a product is moved to or from your facility.

Immunoglobulin products


You can search for a patient's approved BloodSTAR authorisation for intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) and subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg).

All dispensed immunoglobulin (Ig) doses must be recorded on BloodNet.

You can dispense a dose of Ig in BloodNet from a patient’s BloodSTAR authorisation record.

You can also dispense a dose of immunoglobulin (Ig) in BloodNet directly from a dispense request.

You can dispense all the requested doses for a patient in one episode off a single BloodSTAR planning sheet, but only if the situation meets these 3 criteria:

  • all the dispense requests are for the same authorisation number
  • the infusion method on the authorised dose is SCIg
  • at least 2 of the consecutive dispense requests are 'Requested’.

This functionality allocates product to all the requested doses as a bulk dispense.

You can search for Ig dispense episodes on BloodNet. The results will show your facility’s dispense episode history.


You will need to action a dispensing discrepancy if the Ig product is dispensed for a patient outside of the authorisation constraints.

If the reason for the dispense discrepancy is valid, you can resolve the discrepancy and provide justification.

If the product was dispensed incorrectly, it can be returned to stock via the patient’s authorisation.



You can complete a return-to-stock episode for a patient on Ig product if:

  • a product type is dispensed by mistake
  • too much product is dispensed by mistake
  • a product is returned to the dispenser because the patient does not show up or is too unwell for their scheduled infusion.

Unmatched episodes

If your facility has a BloodNet-to-LIS interface, you can action unmatched episodes in BloodNet. Do this promptly to ensure patients’ Ig treatment plans are up to date and reflect patients are receiving treatment within the constraints of their BloodSTAR authorisation.

Get in touch

For BloodNet support or questions, contact our Blood Operations Centre.

Phone: 1300 025 663 (13 000 BLOOD)


Last updated: 27 Mar 2024