Maintaining security of supply of blood and blood products requires the National Blood Authority (NBA) to manage contracts with suppliers of blood and blood products. Contracts are developed in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, and managed in accordance with best practice guidance for contract management, including the guideline from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) on Developing and Managing Contracts.
The contracts managed by the NBA include:

  • fresh blood product procurement - Australia’s fresh blood component requirements through the Deed of Agreement with the Australian Red Cross Society
  • plasma and recombinant product procurement - Australia’s plasma product and recombinant product requirements through:
    • the National Fractionation Agreement for Australia (NaFAA)
    • contracts for the provision of imported IVIg, imported recombinant factors VIIa, VIII, IX, and XIII, and other imported plasma and recombinant products
    • red cell diagnostic reagents product procurement.

The following linked files provide the volumes/units that the NBA purchased from suppliers, not the volumes issued to health providers.

Prices for each year are in Appendices 2 and 3 of the relevant NBA Annual Report found on our annual reports page.

You can access the Trove Website archive for older purchase volume reports(Opens in a new tab/window).

List of Reports

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024