Single Unit Transfusion Guide

The National Blood Authority (NBA) has developed a guide to single unit transfusion based on the national Patient Blood Management Guidelines. The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 7: Blood and Blood Products require blood and blood product policies and procedures to be consistent with national evidence based guidelines for pre-transfusion practices, prescribing and clinical use of blood and blood products. The guide describes reasons why single unit transfusion is beneficial to patients and includes resources to assist with its implementation.

The single unit transfusion guide and accompanying resources have been designed with the intention that they can easily be adapted to accommodate the local policies and practice of individual hospitals. They are available as generic baseline material to download, alter, and adapt as applicable to their local requirements.

Implementation of a single unit transfusion guideline by health providers is encouraged as a patient quality improvement measure, but is not mandatory.

The aim of this initiative is to assist local champions to implement a single unit transfusion guideline in their hospital setting. The guide has been developed in accordance with the Patient Blood Management Guidelines and in line with National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standard 7: Blood and Blood Products. The Single Unit Transfusion Guide is part of the National Reference Set.

The single unit transfusion guide was written in consultation with a technical writer and reviewed by a clinical cross-jurisdictional group before being available for a four-week public consultation period.

Please feel free to adapt, alter and re-badge the single unit transfusion guide and resource material as applicable to your local area.

Guide (includes Appendixes 1, 2 and 3 only):

Additional Resources (Appendixes 1 to 6):


The National Blood Authority extends their appreciation to Pathology North and Hunter Area Pathology Service for their involvement in the development of this guideline. In particular the National Blood Authority would like to acknowledge the contribution and expertise of Ms Vicki Martens, Senior Hospital Scientist, Hunter Area Pathology Service.

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